Knepp Wild Range

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Knepp Wild Range

Our 'Wild Range' longhorn beef is a step beyond even Conservation Grade or organic beef. The herds at Knepp are raised on a 'naturalistic' system, which means they are allowed to range freely in blocks of over a thousand acres of varied 'wildland' habitat incorporating open pastures, dense scrub, water meadows, woods, streams and ponds.

They forage as they would in the wild, feeding on a complexity of over 250 organic herbs and grasses, browsing on shrubs and leaves when they feel like it. They are managed with minimal human intervention, spending their entire lives outside, in family groups, weaning their calves naturally, usually after a year or more. The chef Heston Blumenthal reckons longhorn is the best tasting beef in the world. Knepp Castle's slow-grown, stress-free, wild-ranging, naturally-reared longhorn beef, matured on the bone to take the taste to another dimension. This combination of an entirely natural diet and slow maturing lifecycle results in incomparably tender and flavoursome meat.


Our longhorn beef is available from our campsite shop in Dial Post, West Sussex. We have a full selection of beef venison and pork, everything from steaks and roasting joints to burgers and mince. We obviously like to sell it to our campers, but also to people attending safaris and passing customers from the local area. You can also buy all our meat online and either select home delivery or use our click and collect service from our shop.


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Address: Knepp Wild Range, Pound Farm, Pound Lane, HORSHAM, West Sussex, RH13 8QB England

Telephone: 01403 915 750


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