Cotswold Beef

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Cotswold Beef

Our Organic Pedigree Hereford suckler herd are used specifically to manage 100 ha of Species-Rich Calcareous Grassland, created as part of a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme. The cows, calves, yearlings and two-year olds are kept as a big family group and out-wintered on our thin Cotswold Brash soils, supplemented only by late-cut hay from our wild flower meadows.

The farm has recently won awards from the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and Glos Wildlife Trust and is a demonstration farm for Natural England.

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Hereford beef is MARBLED - small amounts of intramuscular fat runs through the meat which increases flavour and tenderness. Their slow growth will also add to this exceptional  quality.

All our meat is DRY-AGED - the meat is hung for a minimum of 28 days in a large refrigerator with fans in it. This removes a lot of the moisture whilst the carcass is hanging resulting in better flavour but, more importantly, your joints and steaks won't shrink when cooked. Our meat has a greater fat cover than commercial beef which allows the meat to benefit from hanging longer to provide greater tenderness and flavour without becoming  'gamey'.

All our beef is cut up to order and VACUUM-PACKED. As the air has been removed from the packaging, the meat will stay fresh for up to 10 days in your refrigerator providing it is kept between 0-3 degrees C. When vacuum packed meat is opened, any slight smell soon disappears.

The fresh mince needs FREEZING after 5 days as it has been through a machine which raises the temperature of the meat. All meat intended for freezing should be frozen as soon as possible after purchase. The quality of the meat is the same whether it is cooked from fresh or frozen. Once unfrozen, meat must not be refrozen unless it has been thoroughly cooked.

Our beef may be PURCHASED fresh or frozen. The set boxes are the best value as you will always find extra for your money in the box. In addition, you can make up your own boxes. You may buy as little or as much as you like. Boxes of fresh and frozen beef can be sent in the post anywhere in the UK.

PACKAGING- we use recyclable cardboard boxes with insulation made from sheep's wool and food grade plastic. Water filled ice sheets are used to keep meat at correct temperature for transporting.

SHOULD WE EAT RED MEAT? In short, YES! We need small amounts of red meat in our diet,the iron in it is vital for us to stay healthy. It is important to buy good red meat where the cattle have been fed NO GRAIN as this is healthier for us rather than beef from corn fed cows. The soft yellow fat of the 'grass fed only' beef is healthier for us than the hard white fat of the corn fed cow.

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Address: Boyd Farms, Whittington Lodge Farm, Whittington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 4HB England

Telephone: 01242 820 603

Mobile: 07976 691 589


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