Research boost for grass-fed milk project

We believe that the best milk comes from grass-fed cows and now there is scientific evidence to back this up.

Researchers at Newcastle University have found that it is the grass and other green plants that cows eat which makes their milk high in omega-3, vitamin E and health-promoting CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).  Read more here.

We think it is common sense – after all, cows, sheep and goats are grazing animals by nature – but we wanted to make sure that producing milk without feeding grain is still safe for cows and good for farmers today.  So we have been running a pilot study for the last year with the help of eight dairy farmers. From the smallest micro-dairy to large farms producing thousands of litres per day, these businesses are successfully producing Pasture for Life milk.

Click on the links here to read more about some of the farms who have helped us.

A trusted standard

There is no legal definition of ‘grass-fed’ so how can the consumer be sure their milk is really from cows that have only eaten the plants that grow in healthy pastures? To provide a label that the public can trust we have set out standards that farmers have to meet if they want their milk to be called Pasture for Life. Our Certification Mark is the only grass-fed quality mark in the UK that is backed up by a proper system of inspection and audits. Pasture for Life Milk is concentrate-free – guaranteed.

Click here to read a more detailed summary of the standards.

Where to buy?

It is such an early stage of our dairy project that Pasture for Life Milk is like gold dust. Smiling Tree Farm, Challon’s Combe Farm, Crossroads Farm and the Calf At Foot Dairy all retail their milk in local shops or online, but so far our larger pilot farms’ milk is not specially labelled once it leaves the farm. It is mixed into large batches for processing.

How you can help

We need your help to persuade shops to stock grass-fed milk, which is properly certified as Pasture for Life. If you would like to buy this wonderful milk please get in touch by email to and let us know where you shop. If enough customers want grass-fed milk, shops will sell it and farmers will produce it.

Benefits for farmers

  • Being a Pasture for Life farmer means freedom from the ever-increasing drive for higher volumes of produce. It is possible to have a better work-life balance with more time for family
  • This system of dairy farming can be combined with fewer milkings per day, producing lower volumes of high-solids milk which may command a premium especially when used for cheese and butter
  • Joining the Association means becoming part of a like-minded community and professional support is available for farmers wishing to convert to Pasture for Life dairying
  • Farmers interested in rare and traditional breeds will find these animals fit very well with the Pasture for Life system
  • Although resources are very limited the Association is constantly striving on behalf of farmers to create demand among consumers and processors for Pasture for Life milk.

Are you a farmer that would like to be involved?

Once we have completed our pilot we would like to offer the opportunity to share our findings with other dairy farmers who might be interested in converting to Pasture for Life dairy production.  You can join the association here if you would like to start getting involved or email to register your interest.

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