Pasture for Life meat on stage at Meatopia

Meatopia, held originally in New York City, is a culinary event founded and hosted by the late award-winning food writer Josh Ozersky. It moved to London in 2013 with dozens of world-class chefs cooking some of the world’s greatest dishes over live fires.

This year, PFLA President John Meadley was invited to appear in a panel session to talk about Pasture for Life on a wide range of topics from GHGs through the effect on our health through to the Amazon Forest – confirming again the continuing, vital importance of the PFLA building and sharing hard evidence about the benefits of our approach.

John also arranged for three Pasture for Life members to bring their beef to the event for tasting. Introduced by Fidelity Weston, Cathy Boyd (Cotswold Beef), Jonathan Chapman (Native Beef) and Anna Blumfield (Deersbrook Farm) each talked about their farm, cattle and meat whilst a sample of their sirloin steak was charcoal flash-cooked on stage and shared with the audience of over 100.

The session titled “The flavour beneath our feet” focused on the effect of the animal, soil and species mix on the taste of the meat – a subject new to many of the audience.

Meatopia had two floors full of chefs cooking/smoking a range of different meats.  The attendees were mostly younger people, passionate about food and meat and eager to learn about provenance and terroir.

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