Pasture for Life seen by millions of consumers on TV and in the press

BBC TV Saturday Kitchen

April 2019 – viewing figures at least one million

It was fitting that prime-time cooking programme Saturday Kitchen chose to visit Pasture for Life certified farmer Anna Blumfield in Great British Beef Week.

Anna talked brilliantly about her pasture-fed cows, the different cuts of meat she sells in her farm shop and the health benefits to humans from eating it. You can read the full interview with studio guests comments here.

BBC Good Food magazine

July 2019 – circulation 1.3 million readers. The UK’s Number 1 selling food magazine. Website has 7.5 million unique users.

BBC Good Food magazine is THE food magazine everyone wants to be seen in and in July, investigative food journalist and author, Joanna Blythman, who has been watching ‘Pasture for Life’ from the very early days, used her opinion page to outline the problems surrounding the term ‘grass-fed’.

She says that as the law stands, consumers are likely being misled by products labelled as grass-fed, as the animals they came from may have only spent half their lives outside grazing – to be finished indoors fed on cereals and grains. These animals will not deliver the human health, animal welfare and environmental benefits seen in 100% grass-fed cattle and sheep.

She talks about the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association’s (PFLA) activities – including lobbying to tighten the law, so that the grass-fed term can only be applied to products from livestock reared 100% on pasture.

In conclusion she writes:

Happily, the Association has created a striking ‘Pasture for Life’ certification mark. It guarantees that the products have come from animals fed only on their natural diet: verdant green pasture. I’ll definitely be seeking it out.

Editor’s note: A good starting point is the ‘Where to Buy’ page on

The Independent

2 million visitors to the website – daily

Two recent, in depth articles by ethical lifestyle guru Lizzie Rivera in the Independent online featured PFLA members and Pasture for Life produce –

  • PFLA members, including Neil Heseltine from Hilltop Farm, Malham, Fidelity Weston from Romshed Farm, Sevenoaks, Fiona Provan from The Calf at Foot Dairy, were profiled in an article highlighting the farmers who are switching to regenerative techniques and producing great food while also healing the land. Read the full article here.
  • Lizzie reviews the 14 best meat boxes from ethical farms to help consumers eat better quality meat – including two retailers of certified Pasture for Life produce – Primal Meats and Peelham Farm. Read the full article here.

Country Life

Circulation 39,000

And finally, Country Life welcomed the initiative, championed by PFLA President Dr John Meadley, for two Exmoor farmers to host poet Adam Horovitz, so he can further add to his collection of poems ‘The Soil Never Sleeps’, which was created after he shadowed four Pasture for Life farmers throughout the farming year.

John commented:

We hope that, through his unique talent for capturing the passions and beliefs that drive farmers, we’ll be able to convince more people why pasture feeding is the best for their health, the planet, the welfare of the animals and even the farmer’s purse.


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