Pasture-Fed Livestock Association to hold first-ever Show and Sale in the UK at Ross-on-Wye Market

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, (PFLA) which supports farmers looking to produce more of their meat and dairy products just from grass and pasture rather than feeding grains, is to hold its first-ever show and sale, at Ross Auction Centre in Herefordshire, on Saturday 28 September 2019.

The Association has more than 500 members, 100 of which have been audited and are certified to sell their livestock under the ‘Pasture for Life’ marque – guaranteeing it to be 100% grass-fed.

PFLA chairman, Bill Wiggin MP is a driving force behind the event.

“As a livestock association, I believe it is our animals that tell the best story about what we do and how we produce the best beef and lamb bar none, whilst delivering increased carbon storage and many other public goods in our pastures,” says Mr. Wiggin.

“Our animals are really fit and healthy and look fantastic, but what use is this if nobody sees them?  That is why I am determined we should be putting on a show and sale this autumn.”

Mr. Wiggin is entering seventeen of his own pedigree Hereford cattle, including breeding cows, bulls and bull calves, many with top Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for traits such as calving ease and growth rates. The Breed Index Values for some of his bulls reach as high as 52, while the breed average lies at around 30.

“The Herefords grow well on just grazed grass and silage and hay in winter,” says Mr. Wiggin. “They live as a family group and are happy and healthy – the vet is rarely called.

“The PFLA has within its membership incredible producers who are working with nature, building their soils, rearing healthy animals and enhancing the environment, while still producing excellent tasting food which makes a profit.

“What we have to do is make sure all our members see the value that PFLA is adding to their produce. The show and sale are important steps to making this happen.”

Ross Auction Mart auctioneer William Probert is looking forward to welcoming animals from PFLA members in September.

“We are very excited about this event as it will be the first show and sale of this type in the UK,” says Mr. Probert.

“A show of the different categories of animals will be held in the market and concluded with an auction of livestock, with purchasers attracted on a localised and national basis.

There will be no entry fee for livestock and entries close on 28 August 2019, after which a catalogue will be produced and circulated widely.

PFLA members who wish to enter livestock can contact the PFLA office on 01285 889853 for an entry form.

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