Pasture-Fed Livestock Association joins Eating Better

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) is the first livestock farmer group to join the Eating Better alliance of more than 50 organisations, from Compassion in World Farming to Greenpeace and the Royal Society for Public Health, who all campaign for the consumption of less and better meat and dairy.

Eating Better brings together the latest published science and nutritional advice, which addresses the adverse environmental and health impacts of peoples’ diets. The alliance is now calling for a reduction in the amount of meat and dairy consumers eat. They also want to encourage a move away from intensive systems of livestock production to more extensive, 100% grass-fed systems, like those championed by the PFLA.

“We have followed the Eating Better campaigns with interest over the years,” explains Russ Carrington, PFLA general manager. “We see great opportunity in engaging with the alliance to further bring the perspective of livestock farming to the table.

“Meat from animals that have only ever eaten grass and green plants is healthier for people to eat than meat from animals that have been fed grain, even for a few weeks. The way PFLA farmers farm is also environmentally friendly, offers the highest animal welfare potential and takes a natural, holistic approach to high quality food production.”

Simon Billing, executive director of Eating Better says that having the PFLA joining the organisation is a natural step, building on a strong existing and ongoing relationship.

“The PFLA will bring experience from independent purely grass-fed British livestock farmers to the alliance, joining other farmer-led organisations such as the Nature Friendly Farming Network.

“They champion a model for sustainable farming that is good for nature and people and better for the animals. They will help broaden our conversation with other farmers.”

Pasture for Life

The PFLA has developed a unique certification called ‘Pasture for Life’ which their farmer members can use to guarantee their meat and dairy has come from animals that have been 100% grass-fed.

The small PFLA team is working hard to increase the supply and build consumer demand. There are currently 436 PFLA members, 83 are certified Pasture for Life farmers, with 32 certified butchers and four certified creameries. The organisation also has more than 1300 consumer supporters.

Certified Pasture for Life farmers produce meat and dairy products that have lower fat content and more good fatty acids that can help fight diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Their products also contain many more vitamins and minerals coming from the grazed pasture, including beta-carotene and vitamin E. Read more here.

Many of the certified farmers sell from the farm-gate and consumers can find out where to buy Pasture for Life food on the Where to Buy page of the PFLA website –

Eating Better Alliance

Eating Better is a broad alliance of civil society organisations representing interests in public health, environment, climate change, animal welfare and farming. The alliance builds on common positions for sustainable diets, monitors change in public attitudes and high street options, as well as calling for greater action from business and government.

Eating Better alliance organisations set out their approach to sustainable meat and dairy in ‘Principles for eating meat and dairy more sustainably: ‘the less and better’ approach, published last year. Read more here.

Eating Better and the PFLA have worked together to share evidence and contribute to each other’s understanding of the issues affecting farmers and farming, health issues and the environment, for some time. PFLA joining Eating Better contributes to the ongoing dialogue about what ‘better’ food looks like.

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