New Certification Mark for Pasture Meat

Pasture For Life Certification Mark

A new certification mark for meat that comes from animals that only eat pasture and never any cereal feeds, was launched at the Oxford Real Farming Conference this week (Wednesday 7 January) at Oxford Town Hall.

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, a farmer-led organisation that promotes the health, welfare and environmental benefits of raising cattle and sheep exclusively on grass and forage crops, has devised the new logo to give a clear identity to Pasture Meat.

Farmers and butchers who follow the association’s production standards, can apply the ‘Pasture for Life’ mark to their food products when selling to the public.

Pack of Meat New Mark

“When applied to a pack of meat, this legally-recognised stamp of approval guarantees the animal it came from only ate fresh and conserved grass and forage its entire life, including during the finishing period,” explained Sara Gregson, a director of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, who spoke at Wednesday’s conference.

“This is not green-wash or marketing hype – this meat really is from animals that have been at pasture for life.

“By scanning a QR code which is also on the label, or entering a unique number into our website, the meat can be fully traced – right back to the farm, the fields and animal it came from.”

Membership of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association is growing steadily with more than 140 members and 40 Approved Suppliers.

“Demand for pasture meat is definitely increasing as more people become aware of the advantages of eating it,” said Mrs Gregson. “Supply will soon become a limiting factor, if not already – so we need more farmers to come on board and become Approved Suppliers.

“We can help those that want to kick the grain habit – for example we run study tours to farms that finish cattle and sheep successfully on fresh and conserved forage, and have an active internet forum where members openly share their grassland knowledge and experience.”

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