Last chance for farmers to register for free support

The Royal Countryside Fund’s Farm for the Future programme is providing free environmental and business skills training across England

“It is quite isolating on the farm – so it made us feel a part of the farming community.” – Farm for the Future participant.

The Royal Countryside Fund (RCF) and Pasture for Life are delighted to be running its free 2023 Farm for the Future programme for farming families in East Anglia and the east Midlands. The registration window may be closing, but the journey is just beginning to a happier, more successful farming life.

Over three years, Farm for the Future has achieved impressive results with 95% of participating farms saying they have increased confidence in their ability to plan for the future. With an abundance of positive feedback, the programme has people and their welfare at its core – which reflects the values of the RCF.

Inspired by its founder, HM King Charles III, The Royal Countryside Fund acts as a catalyst, enabling change and developing resilience, working with local partners who deliver the bespoke programmes of support.

What’s on offer? 

  • Workshop on business efficiency 
  • Workshop on environmental scheme
  • Get to know your local farming community 
  • Bespoke workshops tailored to your interests 
  • Ongoing & one-to-one support 

Andrew and Laura, who run a beef farm in Staffordshire participated in the programme in 2022. Reflecting on the programme, Laura said: “The programme was fantastic and would absolutely recommend the programme to other farmers. Christina Hutchings, the coordinator of the group, was fantastic in organising the workshops, and provided a lot of communication.” She described the speakers throughout the programme as “informative and engaging.” 

To find your local group, visit Registration for the 2023/24 programme is closing soon.

For more information and to express interest in taking part please contact Sarah Juggins on 07812525310 or

About the Royal Countryside Fund

Founded by HM King Charles III in 2010 while he was The Prince of Wales, The Royal Countryside Fund is the only UK-wide charity focused on the unique issues facing farming and rural communities. 

The Royal Countryside Fund, formerly known as The Prince’s Countryside Fund, was established in recognition of the unprecedented pace of social, economic and environmental change contributing to the countryside’s steady decline, with rural incomes falling, a loss of local services and amenities, rising costs for farmers, increasing isolation and mental health issues.  

To tackle these challenges, since its founding The Royal Countryside Fund has invested more than £11.4 million in nearly 500 rural community-led projects and supported over 2,500 farming families through their farming programmes, with practical training and guidance on a range of topics including financial planning, sustainable farming practises and accessing government support.

Ninety per cent of our land and one fifth of our people live in rural communities and The Royal Countryside wishes to see a thriving countryside – a living, breathing, working place, that is there for everyone. 

In its new chapter, The Royal Countryside continues to improve the lives of people and communities in rural areas, support farming families to take charge of their business, and provide support to those in need. To create a real future for rural Britain, we work in several ways:    

  • Investing at least £500,000 annually through our grant programmes for rural communities to catalyse community-led solutions and illuminating their success so that others can follow.   
  • Leading initiatives, such as our Farm Resilience Programme which offers free environmental and business skills training to family farms across the UK.   
  • Strengthening our networks of support such as the Farm Support Groups Initiative so they are ready and able to provide local support to farming communities.    
  • Being an advocate for the countryside by bringing together individuals and businesses to help tackle current challenges such as the climate crisis.   
  • Inspiring support from those who wish to help us fulfil our charitable purpose – corporate partners, trusts & foundations and individuals.

To find out more, visit The Royal Countryside Fund’s website at



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