Is UK Meat Grass-Fed?

Is UK Meat Grass-Fed

An article written by Caroline Watson in Primal Eye, the UK’s first online independent magazine dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle, explains why we should care what UK farm animals are eating.

Arguing that the main reason we choose grass-fed meats is for their potential to improve our health, Caroline references her article with scientific research supporting this.

Caroline lives in the Lake District and runs an online shop called Primal Meats, and works with a group of inspirational farmers from across the UK, who raise their cattle and sheep to organic standards with love and care, on an entirely pasture-based diet.

A member of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, she works closely with them to ensure all the meat she sells is from animals fed only grass and green, leafy crops all their lives – completely grain-free.

All the meat can be traced back to the farm of origin, by scanning a QR code on each pack of meat. All of it is certified 100% grass-fed.

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