Article in The Grocer magazine highlights recognition for ‘pasture-fed’ and ‘grass-fed’ meat

Rump Steak Packshot

It’s clear to see this steak is from an animal that has been pasture-fed for life. Scanning the QR code on the pack with a smartphone would reveal the farm it came from and much more.

Market research commissioned by The Grocer magazine at the end of 2013 showed that most consumers are confused about all the animal welfare schemes in operation, and do not really know which ones are the best.

While 10% of those the people questioned said they understood the differences between them, more than two thirds declared they knew something about some of them but not all.

Better explanation
They would also value visual information, to help them understand more clearly why a particular scheme was better than any other – videos and pictures would be particularly useful they said.

Simple descriptors for existing schemes scored more highly than more complex ones – so for example the term ‘organic’ is more widely understood than the ‘Soil Association’.

Good recognition for pasture-fed
Interestingly, 40% of shoppers said they had a good understanding of what ‘pasture-fed’ and ‘grass-fed’ means, from an animal welfare perspective.

This is good news for the growing number of farmers looking to sell meat from animals that have only ever eaten grass or pasture, and not been fed a diet of cereals or manufactured cattle and sheep feeds.

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