June 29, 2020

FOR SALE: Strong stores – Traditional Hereford steers

Price: Looking for market rates plus small premium for organic and PfL


Strong stores of variety of sizes - ideal for someone looking to spread supply of finished animals for direct sales, or top up numbers of regular throughput. Most will finish over 30 months (Trad Herefords) slower growing, but will mean some extra flavour!

Animal Type Cattle
TB Status Tested and clear
Category Store animal
Sex(es): Steer 10
Age of animal(s) 28-36 months
Breed Hereford (Traditional OP*)
Certification Organic, Pasture for Life
Outwintered? Yes
Homebred? Yes

Contact Details

Business Name: Poolhullock Farm

Name: Jeremy Helme

County/Location: Herefordshire

Email: jeremy.helme1@btinternet.com

Website: https://www.pastureforlife.org/profile/P023/

Phone Number: 07974 701 140

Mobile Number: 07974 701 140