June 28, 2021

WANTED: Stores Lambs Wanted- pref wethers from Ryeland,



Hi All, we run a small flock of Easy Care ewes which we cross with a Southdown tup; extra easy care benefits with a good shape on the carcass. Also breed our own replacements with an Easy Care Ram. We usually lamb in May (calve March/ April). Having reduced our flock to our best performers, it appears we've only got a few ewes looking like they will lamb down in July. Even though we're fenced to the ground, we found terriers on the farm (not the first time!). Having spoken to the Vet, we're pretty sure that the dogs have caused the ewes to absorb or abort early in gestation. Over-grazing with the sheep is also essential for our pasture management. With the return of proper British Summer this year, the weeds as well are returning thick and fast. I am after wethers so that I can put them safely with my flock eventually if I have to run the smaller breeds to hogget. Briefly looking in to the breeds it seems that Soay, Shetland, Hebridean are good for docks, buttercup, thistles etc. I'll be using the hides also, so something different would be good to run. Will consider merits of all breeds/crosses. Need to be local-ish to Brentwood Essex for collection. Many thanks Maria

Animal Type Sheep

Contact Details

Business Name: Coxtie Green Farm

Name: Maria Pereira

County/Location: Essex

Email: maria_gatehouse@hotmail.com

Phone Number: 01277372646

Mobile Number: 07775855946