January 4, 2023

FOR SALE: Northern Dairy Shorthorn Steers for Sale

Price: to be negotiated


We have 9 Northern Dairy Shorthorn (NDS) steers all at 30+ months. They will finish off grass next summer/autumn. They have been outside for all but their first winter (at 1000ft asl) and haven’t had any supplementary feeding since then. Similar animals at av. 42 months killed out at 270kg DW and R3L off our deferred grazing in late November.

We also have 11 April / May 2022 - born castrated NDS males. They are also likely to finish at 40+ months (less on better going).

Going forward we would be looking to supply 15-20 spring -born NDS (castrated) males in September / October every year.

We are in the Nidderdale AONB, a TB4 area and are in the SAC Cattle Health Scheme and vaccinated for BVD. All the animals have been hand reared and are quiet.

Our farming system is extensive and low input and there is a possibility that we may well become organic / PFLA certified in the future.

Andrew Hattan
email: lowriggs@gmail.com
Tel: 07867413365

Animal Type Cattle
TB Status Clear
Category Store animal
Breed Northern Dairy Shorthorn
Outwintered? Yes
Homebred? Yes

Contact Details

Business Name: Andrew Hattan

Name: Andrew Hattan

County/Location: Yorkshire

Email: lowriggs@gmail.com

Phone Number: 07867413365

Mobile Number: 07867413365