Success for first PFLA Show and Sale

Over 50 PFLA members, prospective members and guests met at Ross-on Wye Livestock Market on 28th September for the first PFLA Show and Sale, followed by the AGM.

Seven members bought cattle and sheep for both the Show and Sale and professional judge, Clive Davies, spent an hour in the pens studying the animals before making his decision.

There were four cattle classes: Breeding females, Yearling/store heifers, Breeding males and Yearling/store males and one for sheep. There was also the Bill Wiggin Cup for the Best in Show.

Clive explained his reasons for choosing the winners who included Andy and Chris Rumming for their Stabiliser X, Fir Farm for their Polled Hereford Breeding male and Bill Wiggin for his pedigree Hereford Breeding female which also won Best in Show. John Goodwin won for the best lamb ram.

With the support of auctioneer, William Probert, from RG and RB Williams, the Sale was a lively and successful affair. There were a number of local dealers taking great interest in the certified livestock and with the exception of one pedigree animal not reaching its reserve, all the cattle were sold.

The Sale was followed by the formal proceedings of the AGM with the presentation of the Annual Accounts and the Annual Report. These were both accepted. Next, the election of five new Directors took place with David Andrews, Johnnie Balfour, Philip Clark, Gareth Davies and James Sage being appointed.

Following these formalities there were a number of short presentations from Bill Wiggin, John Meadley, Russ Carrington and Philippa Stagg. These covered activity over previous year including an update on membership, finance, communications and market and supply chain development.

Dave Stanley finished off the session with a very useful and informative presentation on Green Economy and Climate Change which he has since shared on the members’ forum.

There followed a lively Q&A session which many agreed could have gone on longer but lunch was calling!

The consensus of the audience? Everyone enjoyed the day and agreed to hold a similar event in 2020 in order for more members to trade their certified livestock and valued animal genetics.

Our thanks to Fir Farm for supporting the event.

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