William Barnard

Former Director

William Barnard - Former Director

Will has been closely involved with the grass-fed movement for more than five years.  Growing up on his family’s farm in Somerset in the 1980s, he says he was exposed to the potential of grassland from an early age.

Having sworn never to be a farmer, he left to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.  Graduating from Cardiff University with a Masters degree, he moved to a world-leading engineering firm, eventually leading a team that developed several award-winning products.

In early 2006, following the birth of his first son, Will’s parents gave him the opportunity to take over the family farm.  Eager to get back outside away from office life, he took on the overall management responsibility for the 204ha (500 acre) farm.  Establishing a purely grass-fed beef fattening operation incorporating over 61ha (150 acres) of SSSI wetland, he soon discovered a groundswell of interest in agriculture, food production and grass farming.

To spread the word about the benefits of grass-fed foods he set up the company GrassRoots Food in association with Graham Harvey, and published the book The Carbon Fields. With widespread critical acclaim, Will firmly believes this book has had a significant impact on the awareness of pasture-fed products amongst the general public.

So far in the PFLA’s development Will has worked closely with the core team, overseeing the development of the initial website, subscription and animal tracking systems.

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