Tom Chapman

Former Director

Tom Chapman - Former Director

Tom currently manages a herd of 135 native-breed suckler cows (Sussex and Hereford) under a mob-grazing regime in Hertfordshire. He introduced this system of grazing in 2009 and completed a Nuffield Farming Scholarship on the subject in 2011.

His goals for the herd are to extend the grazing to reduce the winter feeding period, as far as is possible on heavy clay. This will allow him to minimise the use of purchased inputs including fertiliser and fossil fuel, and ultimately to produce 100% forage-fed beef.

After obtaining an Honours degree in Agriculture and Land Management from the Royal Agricultural College, Tom went into dairy herd management. After several years he became a farm business advisor with Grant Thornton and progressed to become an agricultural banker with HSBC and Clydesdale Bank, before starting his own consultancy business in 2007.

Heath Chapman Associates provides practical advice to farmers wishing to establish or improve the management of their beef herds.

Tom also wants to share his experience and knowledge with arable farmers, helping them to improve their soils through the use of mob-grazed cattle.

Tom is a scholar of the works of many of the greatest thinkers in Agriculture, from Bud Williams and Temple Grandin, to George Stapledon, William Albrecht, Andre Voisin and Allan Savory.

His outlook has been greatly influenced by such writers but he still retains an open and enquiring mind. The desire to learn, to experiment and to challenge is an overriding characteristic of Tom’s and it is this, along with excellent business acumen that he brings to the PFLA.

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