Stuart Meikle


Stuart Meikle - Director

I have been involved with agriculture my entire life with 35 years of it professionally in and around farm management, agricultural and food policy, and rural development. I initially farmed in the UK and then joined the faculty at Wye. I have worked internationally for 20+ years and in Ireland for the last seven.

Here I have been working on agricultural policy and writing for various publications and my own Blog. Much of this has focused upon the importance of soils-first thinking as the basis of agricultural and food policy and particularly the vital role of grazing ruminants within it. The development of routes to markets and premium, origin/terroir-linked products is another central aspect of what I do.

I was a founder of the 2000+ member Regenerative Farming Ireland Group and I am a strong advocate for such farming methods. I also know many of those who represent farmers here, thus I have an extensive network across Ireland.

I have been highlighting the work of the PFLA here since I first arrived and I am well placed to further develop the activities of the PFLA in Ireland. A genuine, recognized 100% pasture-fed [grass-fed] is urgently needed by the small-scale, traditional suckler farmers of Ireland to differentiate their product, even if it is only within their domestic market and PFLA certification is their best option

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