Sara Gregson


Sara Gregson - Director

Sara is passionate about grass-based farming and sees it as the sustainable approach to beef, lamb and dairy production in the UK. She upholds that grass is the UK’s national crop but is currently under-valued and under-utilised.

Sara is not a farmer but has worked on livestock farms, and spent the past 25 years interviewing many producers and writing about them in the farming press. She has also been involved in industry-wide extension initiatives such as the EBLEX Better Returns Programme.

She has been a member of the British Grassland Society since graduating from Seale-Hayne College with a BSc. (Hons) in Agriculture in the mid 1980s, and has served on their Council for eight years. She edited their quarterly farmer magazine Grass and Forage Farmer for eleven years.

Sara is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has experience of all aspects of marketing communications within the agricultural sector. She is a member of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists and has very good contacts within the UK farming press.

Awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2006, Sara sought to find ways of encouraging pastoral livestock farmers to use their grassland more effectively. She also recently attended and spoke at the International Grassland Congress in Australia on a farmer-to-farmer mentoring scheme called Grazing Partners she set up within the British Grassland Society.

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