James Sage

Former Director

James Sage - Former Director

Was brought up on a Beef and Sheep farm in Somerset with a strong emphasis on utilising grass production and minimising inputs to livestock. I have also bred an award-winning herd of pedigree pigs with genetics being exported worldwide. My professional background is in Food and Farming certification having worked in this industry for over 15 years. In the public and private sectors also in both organic and non-organic. I am fully conversant with supply chain integrity and how to develop then administer fair and robust standards that give the consumer confidence but, are also able to be practically applied in a farm environment. 

 I look forward to aiding the next steps for PFLA in the ability to service supply chains with retailers. I have worked with branded products in the past and understand the requirements of both the producer and the expectations of the retailer sector and how we can build those supply chains.

 With our climate changing at an increasing rate the ability of land users to sequest carbon will become an important tool in reducing the environmental impact of meat production.


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