James Osman

Former Director

James Osman - Former Director

James is a beef farmer from the Isle of Wight, where he runs a herd of Hereford cross Angus suckler cows, alongside a farm shop and café business at a National Trust tenant farm, with his mother and father.

Having originally trained as an Environmental Scientist at Southampton University, James has a real interest in the role of livestock production and global climate change.

As well as being involved in farming for his whole life, he has also spent the past six years working for the NFU, which has given him a much exposure to every part of the agricultural industry, as well as providing him with key skills in lobbying, public speaking, media handling and policy development.

James has only been a member of the PFLA for just over a year, but is keen to help drive the organisation forward as it becomes more and more relevant post Brexit.

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