Dave Stanley


Dave Stanley - Director

For the past 15 years Dave has run his own environmental consultancy and is now a director of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Over this period, starting from scratch, he has built up a pedigree beef suckler herd of Lincoln Reds. From conception, this was managed on a ‘zero energy input’ basis that had to be totally grass-fed. The beef was marketed locally via a box scheme.

In 2012 he was operating profitably with almost 50 head of cattle over 32ha (80 acres). He won the Lincolnshire Environmental Award for Farming, and Best Native Breed Four Ribs of Beef at the Smithfield Show.

Since then he has sold up and moved to Worcestershire with a third of the herd, to be closer to family.

Dave is passionate about promoting the importance of understanding, and operating within natural cycles – in particular the carbon cycle. He is convinced that livestock and grassland have a vital role to play in both mitigating climate change, and enhancing/reinstating ecosystems, through their interaction with our soils.

His experience of project and systems management and development both in the public and private sector is a useful asset to the PFLA.

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