Anna Heaton

Former Director

Anna Heaton - Former Director

Following a BSc. (Hons) in Agriculture at Seale-Hayne College, Anna spent nine years as a farm manager, primarily working on farms that had free-range pig units.

This management role involved overseeing and integrating other farm enterprises such as beef, sheep and cropping into the whole farm system.

In 2002 Anna took up an advisory role with the Soil Association (SA) managing the technical advisory team for the food and farming department.  She still does some work with the SA and also for individual organic farmers.

Since 2006 Anna has worked as an agricultural advisor specialising in high welfare livestock management.  About half of her work is with Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) in the USA. This has strong links to, and carries out audits for, the American Grassfed Association (AGA) whose standards, auditing and compliance processes she has contributed to.

Anna has a very good understanding of the benefits of pasture-fed meat and dairy products and has experience in communicating these.  She is the author of a report called ‘The Grassfed Primer’ that was produced by AWA to help promote grassfed beef in the US.

Anna also has great experience in setting up standards and compliance processes to ensure certification is transparent and consistent – important attributes for any assurance programme if it is to have credibility in the marketplace.

Anna joined the PFLA during the development of its production standards and now chairs both the Standards and Certification Committees.

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