Great Tasting Food

Buy your Pasture Beef and Pasture Lamb from farmers and butchers who supply meat from animals naturally reared on grass and forage crops, not grain. You won’t regret it.

Great Tasting Food Cattle

The quality of any meat depends on many factors – such as the breed of the animal, its age and sex. But how it was looked after and what it ate during its lifetime also have significant impact.

Meat from animals fed on pasture all their lives, consistently receives great feedback from consumers when they first try it:

"I didn't realise beef could taste so good!"

"This beef tastes like I remember it as a child."

Maddy and Ross - British Larder

Maddy and Ross ran an award-winning pub restaurant, The British Larder in Suffolk. They loved cooking beef and lamb from animals that have just eaten pasture.

"We think this type of meat is a very good product, with excellent credentials and definitely has a long-lasting and bright future," says Maddy. "The taste of the meat is outstanding."

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