Paddock Farm Butchery

Paddock Farm Butchery

Producing great meat is all about raising the finest animals in the best environment possible.

At the heart of everything we do is our farm and our herds of native-breed cattle and pigs. But, for us, farming doesn’t stop at live the live animals – we take the same care and attention over every carcases and every steak as we do our animals.

We supply meat that is full of flavour and character – aged, butchered and prepared to ensure the best results on eating whilst paying utmost respect to the animal. Native breeds that thrive in our British countryside are either raised on our farm or sourced locally and regionally to guarantee the best quality, time and again.

We're proud to be supporting other PFL certified farms in developing sustainable agricultural systems which enhance the natural environment whilst producing healthy food.

We consider it vital that all our meat is hung to age properly so we mature everything in our on-site cold store to allow the lactic acid in the muscles to tenderise the meat, breaking down the proteins and greatly developing its flavour. Different cuts of different animal require different age but our prime steak cuts are hung for a minimum of 35 days to ensure optimal eating quality.

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Address: Paddock Farm Butchery, High Street, Lower Brailes, Warwickshire, OX15 5HN England

Telephone: 01608 685664

Mobile: 07899 925533


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