John Turner

Former Director

John Turner - Former Director

A working farmer from Little Bytham, near Stamford in Lincolnshire, John runs a 100ha (245 acre), mixed farm together with his brother Guy and parents Anthony and Judy.

The whole farm was converted to organic production in 1999. In addition to the production of cereal crops, the farm supports a commercial suckler beef herd of around 100 animals that are raised exclusively upon permanent and rotational pasture.

With a background in engineering, John graduated from the National College of Agricultural Engineering at Silsoe, before setting up his own agricultural engineering business.

As one of the founding members of the organisation ‘FARM’ in 2002, John has been responsible for steering the group’s work from purely campaigning towards developing practical working models of sustainable production through principles of transition farming.

With an emphasis upon practical, viable steps, transition farming explores how farm businesses can reduce their reliance upon non-renewable inputs, thereby de-coupling production from volatile input prices, whilst also developing a more equitable market for produce.

By addressing the wasteful use of cereal grains to feed livestock and to produce biofuels, the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association stands as one of the best examples of Transition Farming’s potential role in meeting the challenges of food production and land use in the 21st century.

John is supported by his wife Stephanie, a practice nurse, and four children, Ben, Jack, Beth and Trudie, who are happily following paths in Law, Farriery, Sport and Art respectively.

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